September 22, 2018


“Avaya faces a rocky future and hopes to regain the money that has continued to elude them since first purchasing the company in 2007. In an attempt to meet the $8.2 billion originally paid out for the firm, the company is planning an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and expecting these efforts to raise a full $1 billion for cause. Even with this increase, the company will still only reach a value of $5 billion, still billions short of their original investment.

Avaya has been a part of the digital competition for years and even attempted joining the graphical tablet zone by releasing a desktop video device. Needless to say, this did not push their profits into the margins they were hoping and have since looked to other outlets. Avaya will be dealing with competition from other technological IPOs, such as Freescale Semiconductor Holding and the social network, LinkedIn. Despite the big names, they hold firm to their belief that the money will be made and a better future is just around the corner.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley will be underwriting the original IPO and the company hopes that the combined experts of Wall Street’s greatest minds will help put that stimulant into their revenue. Whether or not taking the step from a private to public company will help is unsure, but having powerful names like Goldman Sachs can only help. The IPO has been written to consume about 20 percent of the company, which was once a great concern of Avaya before going private with TGP Capital and Silver Lake in early 2007. A copy of the IPO shows that it is built with a solid structure and surely aimed at helping put some life back into the blood of the company.

As with all great companies on Wall Street, Avaya will go through its own ups and downs. Their initial investments and movements may not have had the greatest results, but there is only light on the horizon. Now we must watch and see if they possess the power to regain their money, or if they will fall victim to a falling economy as so many others before them.”


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