September 22, 2018

How To Use The Sec.Gov Website And What To Use

Anyone who has any dealings with the stock market or securities market in any way should understand and use the wealth of tools and information available at SEC. Gov is the main website for the United States Securities Exchange Commission and offers information you really cannot find anywhere else.


The website and its massive amounts of information is open and free to the public and should be the very first place new investors go to learn all they need to know about investing including information on advisers and brokers, financial and other information about the companies they are considering investing in as well as complaints about any companies.

The SEC or Securities Exchange Commission is a federally run and funded investigative and regulatory agency that was created in 1934 to protect investors from unscrupulous business dealings in the securities markets, the types of dealings that caused the stock market to crash in 1929.

To do this job the SEC creates laws and regulations that maintain orderly, fair and efficient markets and collects the information needed for investors to make wise and sound investment choices.

By law companies who are open to purchase via securities markets must fully and truthfully disclose certain data about themselves including ownership, financial data and much more.

The SEC website offers the EDGAR data base to free and public inspection. That means basically you can find a wealth of information about any company you may be considering investing in. While EDGAR may take a few minutes to learn to use the data it provides is absolutely invaluable for anyone who is interested in the stock markets.

The SEC website also maintains advise on financial things of interest such as the national DO Not Call List and PAUSE which is the Public Alert Unregistered Soliciting Entities list. The DNCL stops solicitors from cold calling your home and the PAUSE list tells you what companies in particular may be up to no good.

Another useful tool to be found here is the website link. is a site run by the SEC to help investors like you learn tips on how to invest wisely and how to avoid fraud of all types.

For those who need to report a violation of the Securities Exchange laws you may even register a complaint or a tip anonymously with the file complaint link.

Also within the SEC website you will find publications explaining every financial matter you can think of is clear easy to understand language. Interested in understanding such subjects as the ins and outs of Mutual Funds, Certificates of Deposits, Hedge Funds or anything else pertaining to finances? Simply click the link marked publications under investor information on the home page.

The website offers a host of information for both those who are new to the world of investing and finance and those who are experience professionals. Even those who are not interested in investing in securities can find financial information to help them live a better life with a brighter financial future.

For those who are interested in taking the plunge into the stock market the SEC website should not only be your first stop for research but should also be included in your browser as a favorite.

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